So, the new beginning?

So I had a blog once, it died. Well... actually it died twice, but nevermind. This is my next fight with laziness, regularity and myself. Why I'm trying to do so? Well, I think that I have few things which are worth sharing, and I really like talking about stuff.

Also I want to participate in Get Noticed! competition, and therefore I'll be describing my work on Nucleus. For first weeks I want to describe some things that I have already wrote so expect some informations about React, Events, Properties, why DOM Sucks so much, and few other. And when my source of topics from the past will drain I'll be describing actual progress. Also in meantime i want to publish smth about my other child - Keylighter - mainly because it's more focused on performance than Nucleus and i'll be able to describe some hacks.

And that's probably all about content, now about technical things. This blog will look different but I don't really have time to make it pretty now - so this is task for future myself.